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Vibe Arts is proud to have 100% pass rate in LAMDA Exams
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Every student we have entered for a LAMDA exam has passed

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Students are coached individually so they get the best preparation for the exam

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Access to exclusive Vibe Arts resources covering the knowledge required for the exam

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Higher Grades are worth UCAS points towards Higher Education applications


Practice at home with our LAMDA resources, videos and worksheets all in one place

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With 100% pass rate in LAMDA Acting examinations where else would you go for private 1-2-1 LAMDA coaching? Enquire today about joining our coaches timetable.

Students are coached 1-2-1 in half hour sessions that take place fortnightly with our LAMDA coaches.  

We provide you with all of the resources you will need along the way:

  • Access to the LAMDA Anthologies to pick your speeches

  • Worksheets on how to introduce your pieces for the exam day

  • Knowledge resource sheets that help you to prepare for the knowledge section of the exam (worth 20%)

  • All materials, including your own speech choices, are stored online on our exclusive LAMDA portal Lamda Lab so that you can also work on your LAMDA exam in your own time at home

When you are ready to take your exam, we submit all of the exam paperwork for you and you attend an examination in London.  The exam fees can be found here.


In 2021 all of our students that took LAMDA exams passed with Distinction and we have always had a 100% pass rate at Vibe Arts.  


The higher grades contribute towards UCAS points for applications in further education.  For example - A Distinction in Grade 8 LAMDA is equal to the same amount of UCAS points as an A2 Level C grade or two B's at AS Level!

Our LAMDA coaching costs £15 per student per session for existing Vibe Arts students and £22.50 per student per session for those only attending Vibe Arts for LAMDA coaching. In 2024 our prices will increase to £17.50 for existing Vibe Arts students and £25 for external students.

Previous exam results...

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