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Hollie Roberts

Head of Junior Vibe, Dance Teacher, LAMDA Coach & Clubs Teacher

Hollie studied musical theatre and dance at Bird College, graduating in 2018. Prior to this, she went to Italia Conti Associates where she then began her journey as a performer and then teacher. Since graduating she has been in Sleeping Beauty (2018) and Cinderella (2019) at The Riverfront Theatre (Newport, Wales) where she has covered lead roles and also acted as dance captain.

After starting in the dance world later than the ‘norm’ and having brilliant teachers herself, she is determined to make classes accessible to anyone with a passion for it, no matter what their experience or background may be. Hollie is an energetic, honest and dedicated teacher who adapts her classes to ensure she gets the most out her students. Hollie believes that learning should be fun and exciting, therefore aims to create a safe environment where we learn to fall down together, laugh together but we always get up and try again.

When working with younger children, Hollie is passionate about using her musical theatre skills to bring their imaginations to life. Hollie loves to give children the space to explore their voice and opinions while learning to work as a team and always having lots of fun! Through games and storytelling, she uses drama to teach those all important skills that are essential for children to feel confident within any social situation. ‘Play is our favourite way of learning’.

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Hollie Roberts
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