Chiara Laferla

School Assistant Teacher & LAMDA Coach

Chiara is currently studying Drama and English at Queen Mary’s University of London. She believes that storytelling not only enhances communication skills, it is also extremely engaging. There she is constantly getting involved in performance; stage management; hair and makeup; lighting and sound, especially in the Queen Mary’s Theatre Company.

In 2018, she competed in the Speak Out Challenge Finals at the Cambridge Theatre and then became a public speaking Ambassador, helping teenagers find their voice and interviewing them on their passions. Chiara believes that everybody deserves to rock their spotlight and celebrate themselves, including through performing arts. She is bubbly with a positive can do attitude and loves reminding others that they can too as unique individuals. As a past tutor and current child-care worker for little children, she constantly finds creative ways to make learning fun.

Musical Theatre excites Chiara as she enjoys watching and participating in every aspect of it that she can, especially acting when delivering drama workshops for younger years at school. In wake of gaining work experience at the Vibe Arts West End Week 2019, Chiara was ecstatic to rejoin the Vibe Arts Team and share her love for theatre with many smiles, laughs and the enthusiastic energy children can champion so well.

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Chiara Laferla