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Theatre School Bromley - Why Vibe Arts Offers Dynamic and Engaging Training for All Ages!

Established in 2016 by a West End Children's Director and International Musical Supervisor, Vibe Arts Theatre School offers Musical Theatre Training for Everyone led by West End Professionals.

Whether you're a toddler taking your first steps into the world of theatre or a teenager looking to hone your skills, our programmes provide a dynamic and engaging theatre education experience.

At Vibe Arts, we believe in the power of theatre to inspire, educate, and entertain. That's why we offer a range of programmes designed to meet the needs of every student, including:

  • TinyTime for those walking to age 3+: Our dynamic and engaging toddler group combines movement, sensory play, storytelling, and music from the Musicals to spark creativity and curiosity in every little "Tiny."

  • Junior Vibe for ages 4-6: Our programme introduces young students to the world of Musical Theatre through games, performing arts, and storytelling.

  • Saturday Main School for children and teenagers: Our Main School offers four classes instead of the typical three - Acting, Singing, Dance, PLUS Theatre Workshop - to provide a comprehensive theatre education experience.

  • LAMDA Coaching: Our coaching for LAMDA Acting Examinations has always had a 100% pass rate. Our LAMDA Lab gives our students all the exclusive resources they need for the exam.

  • Vibe Arts & RPA Associates: Our specialist Advanced training is offered to students selected by a termly Audition one Sunday a month in a professional Performing Arts college environment.

  • Vibe Arts Clubs and Creatives Connect programme: Our clubs and programme places professional Performers, Directors and Choreographers into Schools in and around London.

In addition to these programmes, we also believe in the importance of movement and sensory play in early childhood theatre education. That's why our TinyTime programme incorporates these elements into its curriculum to help young children develop physical, cognitive, social, and creative skills.

At Vibe Arts Theatre School, we're committed to providing the best possible theatre education experience for all students. From TinyTime to Advanced training, we strive to offer a dynamic and engaging curriculum that prepares students for a lifetime of creativity and learning.

Contact us today to learn more about our programmes and how we can help you or your child explore the world of theatre. Click to book a Free Trial, call us on 0208 058 18 58 to speak with one of our friendly team or drop us an email at

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