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Supporting Documents


To teach for Vibe Arts or any of our Clubs you must provide the following BEFORE you teach for us;

  • A copy of your DBS Certificate (on the Update Service)

  • A proof of ID (original) you can present in person at the Client School

  • A proof of Address you can present in person at the Client School

  • Read and understood the Vibe Arts Code of Professional Conduct

Enhanced DBS Check


If you do not have an Enhanced DBS Check or it is not on the Update system we can process a Check for you.  The cost to you will be £55 for the Enhanced DBS Check and the Update System is £13 a year.  Please complete the following form to begin the DBS Application process with us

What is the DBS Self Update Service?

In 2013 the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) introduced the ‘Update Service’. This means that once an online DBS has been processed employers and organisations can remain in control of viewing updates and changes to individual’s DBS certificates. Schools are required to do this on the first time you teach for them and it means if you are not registered for the Self Updating Service Vibe Arts cannot place you in a school.

How do I know if my DBS is on the Self Update Service?

If you already have a DBS the application for the update service has to be carried out by you, the individual holding the DBS. It is not something an organisation can do on your behalf though they may advise you to register. Therefore, unless you registered for the Self Update Service it will not be self updating.

What are the benefits of the Update Service?

  • One DBS certificate is all you may ever need

  • Your DBS is transferrable between organisations and theatre schools where

    the same type and level of check is required.

How do I join the Update Service?

To join the Update Service you have to do so within 19 calendar days of the DBS certificate issue date. A subscription to the update service lasts for one year. You can renew your subscription through the update service, either when you first register, by choosing automatic renewal OR within the last 30 days of your current subscription – but you can’t renew on the last day of your subscription.  It costs £13 a year

I have an Enhanced DBS Check but it is older than 19 days and I didn't register for the Update Service
We will need to make a new application for an Enhanced DBS check through Vibe Arts. This costs roughly £55. Then you will have to pay £13 for the years Update Service. Going forward, that £13 a year should be the only cost as your DBS will then be transferable. 


  • FOR REGULAR TEACHERS - Please invoice after your last session of each calendar month

  • FOR COVER TEACHERS - Please invoice after your last scheduled cover lesson

  • Please make out all Invoices to Vibe Arts limited.

  • Email your invoices to mail@vibearts.co.uk

  • Include your Address, contact details, details of hours worked and where and rate of pay

  • Include your Bank, Account Name, Account Number and Sort Code

We aim to pay all invoices within 48 business hours, and where possible will pay the same day.

Covering Absence


It is your responsibility to find Cover for absence.  You can do so through our Vibe Arts Deps Whatsapp Group.  Freelance Teachers must​ follow the Covering Procedure as laid out in the Vibe Arts Freelance agreement.

Both the Freelance Teacher and the Cover must give written confirmation of the cover arrangements to mail@vibearts.co.uk prior to the session.

Non Compete


Any Vibe Arts Freelance Teacher or Cover teacher agrees to the following as laid out in the Vibe Arts Freelance Agreement.

The Freelancer or Cover Teacher agrees that he/she will not, directly or indirectly, in any capacity, solicit or accept business from, provide consulting services of any kind to, or perform any of the services offered by Vibe Arts for any of the Company’s clients or students for a period of one (1) year following termination of contract or the last covered session.


Our Policies

All Vibe Arts Freelance Teacher or Cover teachers should adhere to and be aware of our polices in full.

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